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Small talk makes me sick

New way to donate/check

Several people have asked whether there were alternative ways of donating than via credit card.
A lovely woman at Save the Children got back to me and now you can donate by check/money order.

Here´s how it works:
There is a form you might want to use. There are super important numbers and stuff on this from, or so I´ve been told, and through those they can see the money comes from our project.

Donating via check is easy:

1. Download the form here ( OR here (megaupload). If you have trouble downloading the document, let me know. I can mail it to you.

2. Fill it out and go to your bank/write the check. If you have questions about the process I´m sure your bank will assist you.

3. Mail it to:

Valerie Chilvers
Save the Children
54, Wilton Road
Westport, CT 06880

4. Please email me ( ) the amount you wrote on the check so I can update the firstgiving page manually.

I´ve updated the F.A.Q. accordingly.

Nothing has changed in the standings from yesterday.
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