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Final standing and THANK YOU!

(picture graciously provided by jiraiyasgirl)
Although we didn´t quite reach our very ambitious goal, we all together have raised a mind-bogglingly huge amount of money for Save the Children. It´s $3,100. Woot!
To all our donors, creatives and word spreaders go our thanks!
You´ve made this drive a real success!

edited for belated donation. Yay!


More Celebrations!

(Click for bigger. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.)

Although not long ago he claimed to  "find the whole celebration of approaching death a peculiar thing", (Source)
we have celebrated his approaching birthday with this drive over the course of the last month and won´t miss out on congratulating him, too.
Happy Birthday!

charlie browniest

(very probably the) Penultimate standings-post

Wohoo, our first standings sum without a zero in it. We´re at $2,623.75 which are 53% and still have over a day to go. Don´t get me started on time zones, please. We´ll leave the page open a bit longer so that donations possibly still on the way have the chance to get through.
Also, checks and candy canes? Keep ´em coming and spread the word!

Today´s gimmick, my favorite article about Hugh from the Guardian in May 2000. Click!

And remember:

surprised doctor

Candy Cane Party for reaching half-way goal

I promised you I´d throw a candy cane party if we ever made it to our half-way goal. As it happpens, with our first sent-in check we made it to 50%. You can still send in checks, just make sure you email me up to our deadline which amount you´re mailing in.

Sooo and now to the fun stuff!
HL Drive Candy Cane Party is now officially open to your every whim.
You can download the pic above without text on it here and make macros on your own. Or make pixel!characters with canes. Or go crazy with gifs, write a fic as an ode to House´s bitchin´ cane. Anything, cane included or not, goes as long as it celebrates that we made over friggin $2500 with our little drive.
Kudos to our donors!
TWO DAYS REMAINING and we´re precisely at $2520.

The comments are yours!


Reminder: Creations for Donations

Just a friendly reminder for everyone to get their bids in for all the lovely fic, graphics, vids, etc. we have up for grabs! There's only a few more days left, folks!

Here is the list.

And participants, it might be a good idea to post reminders in your journals so you can appeal to your own flists (hint hint!)

We've had great participation so far, thanks to everyone!
surprised doctor


I´m sorry I didn´t update so frequently. I was selling my soul for donations on community boards in the mean time. ;-)
We´re at 40% at the moment.
And have ONE Week to go.
I think we gotta mobilize all our contacts to boost this baby a bit more. *waves pom-poms*

If you´re thinking of sending in checks. It´s only important that your email reaches me in time. So if they arrive later in the Save the Children office that´s okay. The mail is important so I can update the standings manually.